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small business, big heart.

At, we aim to make furbabies & their families happy.

We had an idea to create something purely based on our love for our cat, Eevee. Our favourite pastime is to pamper him with lots of new things including treats, toys, food, beds, bowls, scratchers and more. No doubt we spoil him just a little too much. As a result, we are always sourcing for quality and intriguing cat products.

As Eevee's cat mom is all about the aesthetics, she loves to buy everything cat related that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to complement our home's interior. After she realised the limited range of cat products local pet stores offer, she started expanding her shopping sprees overseas.


We are now ready and excited to share our collection with you.

Each item has been carefully selected with the goal of bringing happiness to your furkids. We want items that are durable and functional. To help our customers make an informed purchase, we spend a little more time during content creation to explain why a product caught our eyes and the decision to bring it in. May this offer some insights and assurance on the items of your interest.

To make your experience a wholesome one, we pondered about the value-adds we can bring to the table. And here we are offering fun photography sessions. We care about creating memories for you and your furkids!

Beyond all the fun, we thought deeply about the issues we encounter bringing up Eevee and how we can help (albeit just a little) other pawrents. Therefore, you can find lots of freebies in your parcels including different food products and toys for you to try out! We also try to be sustainable by recycling all packaging and reducing waste. 

Together, all these considerations and our genuine care for cattos and pawrents brought about the establishment of - not just here for the good times, we are here to bring you the purrfect lifestyle in many ways.

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to reduce the use of plastics so we may deliver products without packaging or with our eco-friendly tote bag. Worry not, we recycle all plastics and cardboards that come with the shipping. Our pre-loved marketplace aims to reduce wastage for under utilised items.

Giving Back To Society

We always keep in mind how bless we are. Remembering the less fortunate and giving back part of our profits to local communities is just a small part we can play. We reveal every month's beneficiary on our IG! Kindly email us if you've any great suggestions too!

Happiness Guaranteed

Looking to spread a little more joy, bring a little more happiness from our family to yours. All our products and services are priced reasonably as we do not believe in overpriced happiness. Be part of our community to spread happiness with us.

More Than Just A Business

Here to stay. We care deeply about our customers and hope to become lifelong friends. We want to build a supportive community of pawrents who share the same values and vision. Chat with us anytime.

meet our CEO & in-house meowdel!



A blue bi-colour male ragdoll, Eevee is part of the Playground Ragdolls family. Evidently, his mesmerising pair of blue eyes is his best feature. Despite his charming appearances, Eevee unfortunately is born with only one kidney. While cats with one kidney can continue to live long and fulfilling lives, special care to diet and drinking habits are required by the hoomans and the risk of losing the cat to kidney failure at a younger age is still high. We are not sure if Eevee will be able to find a loving and dedicated home as there could be potentially high vet bills involved over the span of his lifetime. Hence, we decided to bring him home.

We can't say our journey with Eevee so far has been all rainbows and unicorns. We had our fair share of expensive vet bills in the first three months of bringing him home, tantrums and troubles as he became increasingly picky with food and losing interest in his toys quickly. He is also very naughty and loves to attack us out of the blue during his 'cray cray' moments. Even though you may be in love with his pictures, Eevee is actually not a very good meowdel as he has extremely short attention span.

Despite all these quirks, we still love him and want to give him the best life possible! We love how he snuggles next to us, the way he purrs and sleeps like a cutie, how he runs as we chase after him, how he follows us room to room around the house and brings us his favourite balls to play fetch. There are two sides to raising pets, as with children, and we will always remember that while Eevee may only be a part of our lives, we are his entire life. We truly hope that he'll be with us for as long as possible.

Fun fact: Eevee shares the same birthday as his cat dad! 😍

Date of Birth: 7th September 2019

Home: 10th April 2020

Favourite Toy: Balls

Favourite Treat: Kit Cat Purée

Favourite Sound: Crinkles and weirdly our fridge's ice and water dispenser machine

Favourite Pastime: Zoomies at 11pm / Cat Opera at 6am

You can find Eevee on Instagram.

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